Underwater whale watching

Diving with the whales aboard the semi-submersible Yellow Submarine

This excursion is carried out aboard the semi-submersible Yellow Submarine. Unlike other boats, this semi-submersible allows us to observe whales submerged in their world.

Underwater, the perspective is completely unique, being the experience comparable to diving with them.

While they remain close to the ship, we observe the whales all the time through the 40 windows of the underwater cabin. On board, passengers can circulate freely and also opt for the deck of the ship to observe from the surface of the water as in a traditional sighting.

Rates & timetable 2023-2024

Low season (July 1 to August 31)$ 190.000$ 95.000$0
High season (September 1 to October 31)$ 250.000$ 125.000$0



According to their preferences, passengers will be able, at all times, to be on the submersed lower deck or on the upper deck. They will enjoy the information given by the whale watching guide, comfortably seated while watching the animals.

During the cruise, the whale watching guide will comment on the behaviour and customs of the animals interpreting the activity that the animals may be performing at that time, and will answer the queries of the passengers.

In order to guarantee the quality of the sighting, the Captain on the day of navigation will decide whether or not it can be done according to the weather conditions. If it can not be done, they will be offered the traditional sighting, or cancel the reservation. More information in our reservation and contingency policies.

The departure time is subject to modifications depending on the weather conditions.

La empresa Southern Spirit tiene certificado su sistema de gestión de calidad, ambiental por IRAM según norma IRAM-ISO 9001:2015 IRAM-ISO 14001:2015, con número de registro RI-9001 5300 – RI 14001 645.



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