How far in advance do I have to be and where?
It is necessary to be at the Boarding Station one hour before the departure time.

Which fauna will I be able to watch?
Each trip is a unique experience. We are only visitors in the whales’ world and therefore, we have to respect them, waiting for the show they wish to perform for us. Starring whales as main characters, we may also encounter during our trip dolphins, sea lions, cormorants, seagulls and petrels, among others.

How close will I be to the whales?
The whale watching guide will lead the tour up to a reasonable distance to the whales, awaiting for these curious mammals to get close to the vessel. Besides, the transparent waters of the gulf allow us to watch them underwater, many times swimming under the boats. Passengers who opt for the Yellow Submarine excursion, will be able to watch them as if they were diving among them.

Will I be able to make the excursion if I have limited mobility?
Our Boarding Station, boats and embarking ladder are prepared for people with limited mobility. Please, let us know about your situation and we will provide the access.

What should I be wearing?
We suggest low-heeled shoes and warm clothes. We will provide you with a rain cape if you need to protect your clothing.