Argentine Whale Conservation Institute

The Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas (ICB) [Argentine Whale Conservation Institute] and Southern Spirit S.A. have entered into a contract to foster their mutual support, providing themselves a two-way assistance in management activities, scientific and technological research, along with disclosure and education.

The ICB, a representative in Argentina of the US Whale Conservation Institute / Ocean Alliance (WCI/OA) is a non-profit organization created to preserve whales and their environment, focusing on the research, education and conservation of the species.

Dr. Roger Payne, president of the WCI, discovered that every right whale has a unique callosities’ pattern, which remains unchanged over the years allowing us to identify them. The possibility of identifying and tracking the individuals gave rise to the ‘Southern Right Whale Program’. Since 1970, the ICB together with the WCI have identified more than 2,500 whales in Península Valdés. Each record is added to the whale’s life history, which helps us understand fundamental biological aspects for their conservation. Moreover, all the scientific information produced by the researchers is published and informed to the provincial and national governments, and could be used in effective strategies for the conservation of whales and the marine environment

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