Reservations policy

Direct passengers:

Passengers who have already booked a reservation, should confirm it at the Southern Spirit Boarding Station in Puerto Pirámides one hour before the departure. Otherwise, the places will be disposed and rescheduled according to availability.
Groups (10 passengers or more):
The confirmation of the reservation requires the payment of 30% of the total amount of the reservation. All the reservations which have not been partially paid (30%) will be considered as a provisional reservation, in which case Southern Spirit S.A. will have the right to use of the corresponding places.
The remaining amount of money to make up the total balance of the services requested must be paid at least 48 hours before the date in which the group will take the service.
In all cases, the services must be paid in full before taking the service.
- The cancellation of the reservation should be made at least 48 hours before the services are rendered. The total amount paid will be refunded, in which case only bank expenses, if any, will be deducted.
- If the reservation is cancelled from 48 to 24 hours prior to the date the cruise is to sail, 50% of the total amount of the services requested will be deducted.
- If the reservation is cancelled 24 hours before the date of the trip and in case passengers do not show, all rights to any refund will be waived.

Contingency Policy:
In case contingencies arise hindering the normal operation of the schedule, the following steps will be taken. In case of adverse weather conditions:

If adverse weather conditions arise before the day starts (closed port):
Our Operations Department will keep the weather forecast updated every day, and prepare a possible new program of the departures ready the day before the tour.
Our company is permanently in contact with the Argentine Coast Guard (PNA), the institution in charge of authorising the operation of the port. Once PNA opens the port, the times originally assigned or previously agreed with the client will be respected.
The clients (companies, direct passengers, etc.) will be constantly informed about the weather forecast and its operating conditions. This will surely ease the route map.
When the tour is cancelled for unfavourable climate causing inconveniences to passengers, a new schedule will be offered according to available seats, or the total amount paid will be refunded without any penalty whatsoever.
If the adverse weather conditions arise during the tour:
The captain of the boat and the manager, both being responsible for the services quality, will evaluate together and decide according to their good judgment about the possibility of aborting the trip bearing in mind the passengers’ comfort.
The captain must call off the tour if the Argentine Coast Guard so requires.
If the navigation must be called off due to adverse weather conditions before 3/4 of the time planned had elapsed, a new program will be offered in following trips according to available seats, in which case no refunds will be made. In case the service must be cancelled after ¾ of the time planned had elapsed, the service will be considered rendered.
Once the operating conditions are restored and the ‘port is authorised by the PNA [Argentine Coast Guard]’, the original program will be resumed so as not to prompt delays in the schedule not affected by adverse weather conditions. Note: If the port is closed for half a day, when the navigation is resumed, the authorities will enable operators to use a second boat during the rest of the day.
If the port is closed all day long, a second boat could be used the following day during all day. Both cases will clearly moderate the demand of passengers who could not make the navigation due to adverse weather conditions.

Reasons beyond the control of the company which impact the normal rendering of the services
Latecomer groups who join the following group:
The timetable originally assigned will be respected and the group delayed will be rescheduled in another departure of the same day, so as not to impact on the service of the rest of the passengers.
Should there not be available departure times on that same day, the company will try to schedule again the excursion for another day, trying not to affect the service of the rest of the passengers. In case the parties could not come to an agreement, no refunds of the amounts paid are contemplated, regardless of the company’s efforts to work out the inconvenience.

Unexpected circumstances inherent to the company:
When elements that impact on the tour break down (engine of the vessel, tractor truck, trailer, pier, etc.): passengers and agencies will be immediately informed of the situation. If the failure makes departure times to be modified, clients will be offered a re-schedule according to the following departures programmed considering the available seats. If the breakdown occurs in the vessel, it will be replaced using the second one. In all cases, when the rendition of the services is disturbed for unexpected circumstances inherent to the company, the total amount paid will be refunded.

Southern Spirit Cruises:

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After requesting a reservation, Southern Spirit Cruises will send you an e-mail with the corresponding confirmation. In case you do not receive a written confirmation to your request, we beg you to contact us again.